Positively Optimistic Day #3: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

– Roy T. Bennett

Do you ever just worry too much about everything? It seems like no matter how many times people tell you it will be alright about a certain situation you find it hard to believe them. If that’s you I know exactly how you feel!

As a kid they never warn you what your 20s will be like. You just see all these glamorous people on T.V. and you think as a child you’ll have all the answers when you become an adult. I’ve learned that’s no where near the case. No matter what age you are (you could be 92) you are always learning something new.

If we are constantly learning then that we are going to go through situations we haven’t been in before, do something that is unfamiliar to us, and have to go through things where you can’t see how it will play out. All of these can be really scary. And then what do we do when we are scared of something? We yes, you got it..we worry.

I honestly would like to know how much time most of us spend worrying about something? I have to admit most of my life I’ve spent in fear of what ifs.

What if they laugh at me?

What if I’m late to work?

What if I say something stupid?

What if I can’t pay for next months rent?

We all ask ourselves what if questions. For me I do it all the time. But what good is it going to do if I just spend all day worrying about something? Nothing.

Yet how many times did I spend countless hours worrying of things that I shouldn’t have worried about? How many times did I worry when I could have just went out and did? How many times have I worried about something that didn’t even happen because I couldn’t see the outcome. Way too many times.

Lately I’ve been challenging this. I’m trading my worries to being proactive and getting stuff done. I was scared about writing a blog again, but I’m doing it. I was scared my car getting fixed, but found out it was an easy fix. I was scared to stay in Florida instead of going back home, but I’m by the grace of God still making it. It is normal to worry a little bit but don’t let worrying consume your life. Do the best you can for the things you can help but for the things you cannot help just trust that’ll work out, because you worrying about it will not only not help but cause you more stress that you don’t need.

Right now I’m worried about finances because I’m getting so few hours at work and losing money to get my car where it needs to be, but I’m just going to do the best I know how to and leave the rest in Gods hands. Yes, as a former worrier of every tiny thing this is extremely hard to do, but God has always made a way for me when I couldn’t see a way before and I know he will this time too. I just gotta stay “positively optimistic”.

I am also trying to find new healthy ways to help me deal with the stress. I have found that exercising, drinking tea, and listening to music has helped me a great deal. I want to ask all of you what are some ways you deal with stress? What helps you calm yourself? I’d love to hear!

All of this talk about worrying makes me think of the song called “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. It is a fun little song that I would sing along to as a kid. Now as an adult I can really relate to this song now. Life’s too short to spend it worrying instead of being happy!

Well til tomorrow! ,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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