Positively Optimistic Day #6- Looking on the Brightside

“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.”

-Mary Lou Retton

Isn’t it amazing how by changing our perspective we can change our reality? That’s what I have learned studying the Law of Attraction. I’m still working on being great at using it, but I can tell you that the Law of Attraction works because I’ve seen it first hand in my life.

An example of it is how I lost 60 lbs. When I decided I wanted to lose weight I decided to change my mindset and when I did that the weight came off unlike before when I tried “dieting”. That’s because I used the Law of Attraction and changed my mindset to fit the body I wanted.

This week I have seen the Law of Attraction appear a lot. I got a decent amount of tips at work today, I got a free meal at work because a customer left, I had a problem with my debit card get solved (the problem has been going on for 4 weeks), I had a person bring light on a situation that’s been causing me problems for years, I got an interview for another job, I got a free television that one of my roommates just had in her closet etc. You get the point.

I believe that all of this has happened, because I choose to change my perspective. When things are tough I’m trying to look at the positives of everything instead of the negative. A few weeks ago was the quite opposite though I was worrying about everything which brought all kinds of negative situations to my life. No debit card, I got pulled over by a cop, my car stopped working, I owed an Uber driver money because she drove me to a bank that wasn’t there anymore instead of the one I wanted, I wasn’t getting any hours at work, my depression got really bad etc.

It wasn’t until I reminded myself of the Law of Attraction that I started to see things change for the better. I changed my negative perspective into something positive and started believing good things were coming my way and guess what they have.

Yes, I still get negative situations happen, but now I’m learning to deal with them better. For example last night I tried hooking my work card up to my uber account because I had no uber cards left, but then it didn’t work. I immediately got frantic because I had no way to get to work in the morning and cvs where I usually bought the cards was closed and I had to be at work before it opened in the morning.

At first I went to my typical negative response. “Oh why me?” Then I changed my thinking around.

“At least I found out tonight so I have time to figure out what to do because I originally was going to wait until the morning to try the card out which would have left no time to figure out another plan to get to work on time.”

Then after I thought that my situation turned around. My one roommate offered me a ride to Walmart where the bus stop this morning. I then arrived early so I had time to check Walmart to see if they had any Uber cards and when I almost gave up faith that they had one all of a sudden one appeared in front of me.

So I dare you reading this the next time a situation seems unfair or even hopeless just think about how it could be worse, because honestly it could always be worse. When you are grateful that other bad things didn’t happen then it helps turn your whole mood around. Yeah, you still might not be happy it happened, but you take comfort and joy in the fact that it was just that and not even more added on bad things.

Well that’s all I got for today guys I hope you all had an awesome day,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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