Positively Optimistic Day #10- Conquering the Fears

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

“I’m driving in this new place with a car that is barely functional.”

*Anxiety kicks in*

“It’s going to be fine stop worrying Amber.”

Lady honks her horn at me when I go to turn.

“What did I do wrong? I signaled ahead of time. I can turn here right? Yes. Ok why was she mad then? Urg.”

I sat in my work parking lot trying to contemplate why she honked at that made me even more anxious about driving home. Why? Just one word. M-E-R-G-E-S.

I have an ongoing hatred of merges. I never liked the single one I had to do in Indiana and one time I ended up in a ditch not seeing the other car. It was a nice warm day but the car spun in circles like it was on ice. I was thankful that no one was injured, but that event shook me up. Ever since then they have terrified me to drive.

And guess what Florida has tons of? Merges. That terrifies me so much! I’m not only in a new state driving but my arch enemy Mr. Merge is everywhere here in this state. As I’m writing this I’m thinking about the merge I have to do on the way home. I keep telling myself not to worry but that doesn’t stop the anxiety from kicking in.

Yet I’ve had many, MANY, MANNNY fears in the past that I’ve learned to conquer. I remember one time in participating I did the line thingy (I don’t remember what it’s called so I’m sticking to line thingy haha) where you go over the water from an extremely high up place with just some lines holding you on your seat as you move diagonally down. I remember wanting to back out. I wanted to just run back down and not do it, but for once in my life I just did it even though I was scared. And guess what? I was so happy that I did it. Yet I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t conquer my fear of heights and water.

Yeah I may never go up to someone and be like “Oh my goodness I just merged on to the road and I loved it!” But I hope to get to the point where I can just merge without fearing that I’m going to die or worse kill someone else. I hope I can get to the point where it just becomes natural and I don’t fear it.

The thing with fears though is you have to face them. That is what I’m going to do. So bring it on Mr. Merge I’m going to get over the fear of you and you won’t bother me anymore. I don’t know why I’m referring to merging as a person, but just roll with it guys haha.

So I want to encourage you all. What are your fears? If you have any. Try to face them. I guarantee that it’s not as scary as your mind is making it out to be. Be brave! You’ll never know where breaking this fear will lead unless you just try.

Talk to you all tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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