Positively Optimistic: Day #18- You v.s. You

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”-George Bernard Shaw

I honestly love change. I’ve always hated the idea of everything being the same. I love the idea of learning new information and being able to use it to grow in my life. The only problem is changing isn’t always easy and that’s what I don’t particularly like.

I think of it this way. It’s like when you have an old bandage on, and you want to peel it off, but you know it’s still on good enough that it’s going to hurt when you do peel it off. You know it’ll be worth it when you do but getting yourself to do it is the hard part.

I have been making an effort to wake up extra early these last few weeks. It is so tempting to hit snooze, but I get up because I know I want to get up early to exercise and be more productive during the day. Yes, it’s been hard to adjust, but also yes it’s been worth it.

When you fall into the same routine for I don’t even know how long it’s like battling yourself. It sounds incredibly funny but it’s like there’s two “mes”. One that is used to her old ways of doing stuff. And the other who’s breaking all the rules. They are both two opposite extremes and right now I’m in like limbo land with myself.

Sometimes I fall into old habits and other times I decide that I need to challenge that. I decided to challenge it again tonight. I have been doing great about waking up every morning to workout, but then to be honest for the rest of the day except when I’m working I’m lazily on my butt. Tonight I decided to go on a walk, because I know I want to live a more active lifestyle. I’m not going to accomplish that sitting in my room watching Fixer Upper. I’m in no way saying you can’t watch your favorite shows, but if you want to be an active person; yet have been watching hours worth of a show while you sit around you aren’t being an active person. That’s how I came to the conclusion tonight that I need to change my actions. Like I said in my blog yesterday “how do you expect to see changes in your life if you don’t do something about it?”

I’m taking my own advice, and I’m gradually becoming closer to my goals for myself. That old, negative me is having less of a voice as I make room for the new and improved version of myself. So I’m going to dare all of you. Go pull that bandage off! That one that stops you from reaching your goals. I know you can do it!!

Bye until tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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