Positively Optimistic Day #20- Peeling the Layers

“Ogres are like onions!”- Shrek

I often find myself thinking of that silly quote from my childhood. That quote may have went past a lot of kids heads, but even when I was a kid that somehow spoke to me. I’ve always been the one to have many different sides about her. I had a person say that I was intriguing because of the way I was. They have no idea. I even find myself intriguing. Not in a “oh I’m so much better than everyone else” way but a “I’m still trying to figure you out and we’re the exact same person” way.

To be honest I surprise myself constantly. Especially since I’ve started this journey. I’m really starting to look into all my layers. There are so many of them that it’s hard to keep up with them all. That’s why I’m trying to deal with them one at a time. Now these layers come in all shapes and forms. Some are good layers that I want to keep and others are layers that have been buried for a long time that I’m trying to deal with.

The important thing is to just love where you are regardless of the good and the bad. Yes, we can work on weak areas in our life, but it’s also important not to put yourself down. When I first begun my weightloss journey many of the people I learned from told me to learn to love myself for where I was.

Deep down I was like “uh..yeah..sure how could I love such a fat, ugly person?”

But even though I felt that way I continued to tell myself that I loved me. Through the journey I discovered reasons why I really did love myself and that was amazing! That not only helped me mentally/physically but I became my own best friend that I needed. When I did that everything got ten times easier in my weightloss. Because I wasn’t fighting against the tide.

I challenge all you reading this start taking a look at all yourself. All the layers that are inside you. And just try to understand why they are there. Try to get to understand you. You don’t have to entirely understand, but just sympathize with yourself. And just tell yourself “I love you for where you are.” Because if you start loving yourself for where you are in life whose telling where you will go?!

Bye until tomorrow!!,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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