Positively Optimistic Day #26- Changing Political Parties

“Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, “What else could this mean?” – Shannon L. Alder 

You ever heard of the saying people say about “there’s always more than one way of looking at something”? I keep finding that saying more and more true all the time. Today I was determined when I went to work that I wouldn’t let anything negative that happened bring me down like it did yesterday. I then came up with a thing I would do to cope with whatever happened.

Every time I felt like I was going to get upset over something I told myself I would breathe in my new perspective and exhale my old one. I know..it sounds mighty silly, but as a silly as it sounds it actually worked for me.

There I was breathing in the positive energy..while I exhaled the negative. The incredible thing was that some things that happened to me at work sucked just like yesterday, but when I did this routine it made me shift my perspective. I was now looking at the positives of the day instead of the negative. Which has been my goal of this blog from the start. It has been to find something positive in every situation.

Which I have found very difficult to keep it up throughout my day. Because sometimes I just will become a Negative Nancy without even realizing it (then I wonder why I’m feeling down). With this method though it really made me stop in the moment and think of the attitude I want to have and not the attitude I have normally used for negative situations.

I think it was also effective because it only takes a few seconds to do yet gets the job done. Instead of going through the process of trying to figure out why I’m in a negative mindset and to have to talk myself into positive mindset which felt so time consuming. It almost felt like trying to make a Democrat a Republican or a Republican a Democrat. Which I feel like is almost impossible as I have read many entertaining Facebook posts about one trying to convince the other is right haha.

As you can imagine if trying to convince my mind to be positive is like that example then it’s really hard to convince myself of anything. That’s also why I like this breathing method is because I don’t have to spend minutes convincing myself. All it does is reinforce that I’m doing this to change and that somehow shifts my thinking immediately. If any of you struggling with thinking positive try this out and let me know how it works for you. I’m curious to see if it works for someone else like it has with me.

Regardless though it has been great to finally find something that works this effective for myself. Silly. Yes. Worth it though? Definitely. Because I know changing the way I think about things is what is going to change my life. As I have read and studied in many books. I also know for a fact it has already worked in my life.

I’m no where near as negative as I used to be when I was in my teens and as a child. I was extremely negative back then. Almost everything I thought was negative yet I wondered why everything in my life sucked.

However I could have changed my thinking and thought of the positive things I did have. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I had a rough life, and I completely understand why I felt that way; however even when there’s a lot wrong with a day there is at least one positive. I don’t care how small there is something.

Now I can look back at those hard times and find a positive perspective. I can see how those times helped me become stronger, and how I learned lessons that have also helped inspire me to look for answers, which lead to me finding out about things that influence my thinking now like the Law of Attraction. I remember I was watching a YouTube video when I was 16 years old about a lady talking about the Law of Attraction and little did I know back then that this topic that I really didn’t understand at the time would change my life later down the road.

We all go through things. But you get to decide whether you are going to let it destroy you or let it make your success story that much stronger. I decide to go with the second one. That’s why today I decided to try something new then what I was doing by doing that breathing technique and guess what that little change made a huge difference. Sometimes that’s all you need is one little thing to help you out and that will lead you to the big things.

I want to challenge all of you reading this to make one little positive change in your life and see what it does for you. I hope you all have had an amazingly, fantastic day today.

And I will talk to you again tomorrow,


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