Positively Optimistic Day #33- Are You Full of It?

“There are three words I like to repeat to myself: glass half full. Just to remind myself to be grateful for everything I have.”-Goldie Hawn

Today I was driving home from work and I was trying to shield my eyes from the sun as my car has no little shield thing to block it (I forget what the technical name is haha). Anyways I was trying to block out the sun while also trying to keep my rear view mirror on as it is only holding on by duct tape and when it gets hot outside the duct tape starts melting and it falls off.

Some days this may bug me and even make me mad, but for some reason today I just ended up laughing at myself. I mean who else can you think of who risks her life by a rear view mirror taped on and no sun visor thing on your car so you have to look like a sailor searching for land? I can’t think of anybody. If you all know someone throw them my way we might become the best of friends.

My point in this weird story of my life is that sometimes you just got to learn to laugh at stuff. Those situations could have easily made me feel angry, but I choose not to let it effect me that way. Instead I choose to just laugh at my crazy life. I think we all sometimes get in these situations. No, not situations like your rear view mirror being duct taped on, but situations where we could either laugh it off or take it to heart.

I could have gotten angry, but would good would that have done? It just would have made me more frustrated and probably make me concentrate on my driving less to be honest. And that does no good for me. I want you all to think of times in your life where you could also just learn to laugh at it.

Maybe your dog at your lunch for example. Yes, maybe tell him he was a bad boy and punish him a little by having him go to bed or something, but is it worth it letting it ruin your whole night?

“Now I have to cook a brand new dish! Great I needed to go to bed early tonight?”

When instead you could be like…

“Sparky will get his due when he gets gas from all those beans he ate. That silly dog won’t be sleeping in my room tonight.”

This is a very silly example, but you get the point. The same situation, but two very different ways of looking at it. There’s just no need to use all your energy to be angry when it does no good to you or the others around you. Another example of this was this morning. My phone was shut off this morning because silly me forgot to put on my account that my card number switched so it was still linked up to the expired card. I immediately go and try to get it figured out. Then I fall into one disaster after the other.

The website page I needed was “under work” it said. Then I tried calling from the lady I rent off of phone and it said that they couldn’t help me because the office wasn’t open yet. With these two things eliminated from the picture it would mean I would just have to drive from work and back without a phone and that scared me because I wanted a phone in case something would happen. The lady I rent off of then calmed me down and told me great advice like she always does and said “stop worrying about things you cannot change.”

After that I just let it be until after work then I immediately got it turned back on because you know how much we all love our phones haha. But anyways getting back to the lesson; she was so right. I was getting so mad earlier I could feel my skin boiling. I let a little situation like that with my phone make me so outraged. When I could have simply just laughed at the whole situation. I can’t emphasize this enough that it’s all about perspective guys.

So is your glass half full or half empty? It’s all for you to decide. I encourage you all to be that optimistic because life is too short to live it being too serious all the time. We are all human and do things or get put in crazy situations. But remember two people can go through the same exact thing and take it two completely different ways. Today I challenge you all to challenge your perspective instead of a serious one to a humorous one. When appropriate of course! There are some times we do need to not laugh at situations, but with the ones that you can, just do yourself a favor and giggle. You deserve it!

Talk to you all tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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