Positively Optimistic Day #35- Act Like a Old Man

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Through all of my life I’ve noticed one thing: Most old men know how life should be lived. I was reminded of this as I took a trip to Walmart and saw an old man riding on his cart like a little child. Someone might view this as “Oh how childish.” But that wasn’t my thoughts at all. I saw this guy and immediately thought “This guy knows how to live life.”

Many people compliment how I have this special innocence about me and they are right. I learned a long time ago that the kid spirit in us is so important. If you think about it we are all really kids inside. We just got older. Yet when people grow up they think they have to act or be a certain way and that’s just utter crap. Best believe if I see a swing set I’m going to race you to the swings and see who can swing higher. Not because I need to beat you- although that’s an added bonus but because that is fun.

You want to know why peoples spirits die at such a young age? It’s because they stop viewing life as a child. They stop thinking that anything is possible. They stop doing fun things. They stop being curious. They stop looking at things through a positive lens. I learned years ago from my father though we don’t have to lose that. Some of you know my father is now 71 years old which could honestly be the age of my grandparent. He was actually called my grandfather one time during my childhood which I thought was hilarious, but I didn’t mind because he never acted his age anyway.

When I was a child my dad was literally my best friend. Some of my best childhood memories were of me and my dad just going out and having fun. I remember we would go to this one store all the time and go into the toy section and just press every button on the toys. I didn’t pay attention to those around me but I am sure we annoyed some people with the noise coming from the kids section. Even though that probably happened that didn’t stop my dad from doing what he wanted to do. He still acted like a big kid anyway.

I’ve also seen this is the case for most older men I know. Most of them have a kid like spirit to them as well. Now this isn’t every older guy I’ve met. Some can be very bitter too, but for the majority of them I find are very kid like. I have come to the conclusion that I want to be like an old man who is like a child. That is a very strange sentence. Yet that is how I very much want to live my life. Which means basically I want to be able to be an adult and do adult things, but I never want to lose viewing things as a child does.

There is so much left to discover and enjoy in your life no matter what age you are. So I challenge you all to just go out and find what makes you feel like a child. Something that puts a smile on your face no matter how incredibly dorky it is. Even if it’s pushing every button in the toy section. Be an old man, acting like a young child, because life is way too short not to.

Talk to you all tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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