Positively Optimistic Day #46- Can I Trust You?

“The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust.” —Abraham Lincoln

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know everything. I’d like to believe I do but I don’t. Growing up the way I did I had to learn a lot of things on my own because I learned from a young age you can’t always rely on other people. Everytime I trusted in other people I seemed to always get let down somehow. So I leaned on my own understanding hoping I’d be right.

As I got older though I was put in situations where I had to learn to trust others. To trust that maybe I didn’t always know the best way. This wasn’t an easy pill for me to swallow and to be honest it still is. I even have trouble trusting myself as it is, but put that trust in other people and it makes me a million times more scared. I get scared that what if they’re wrong or what if they let me down? I’m not going to sugar coat it some people you will learn you just can’t trust in this world. But when you find people you can trust it will be such a blessing in your life.

I have one person who I have opened up to about everything. I was able to confide in this person with things I’ve never told anyone else about. This person has helped me through some of my darkest moments. There have been many times I’ve contemplated suicide because I couldn’t find an answer in myself. I can honestly say this person has helped save my life more than once. But I probably wouldn’t be writing here right now if I didn’t choose to confide in this person.

It hasn’t been easy to trust, but in some instances I learned I must because it’s so much better than dealing with it in my destructive way. That’s why I try to always tell people I know they can talk to me about anything. I know how scary it is to trust others and I just want others to know that they can trust in me. I’m not a perfect person, but if any of my friends or family really need me they all should know I’ll have their backs no matter what. I feel like it’s so important for everyone to have at least one person they can really trust.

If you all are anything like me I’m daring you all to try trusting people a little more. Only trust certain people with the huge things. But with other people try opening up with the little things and you’ll be surprised how your world will open up just a little more! Thank you all for reading!

Write again tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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