Positively Optimistic Day #47- Live and Learn

“We learn from each other. We learn from others’ mistakes, from their experience, their wisdom. It makes it easier for us to come to better decisions in our own lives.”-Adrian Grenier

Tonight I was talking to the lady I rent my room off of. She is an older lady and many times I find us both talking about our days but sometimes we talk deeply about life. Tonight we were talking about our lives. I really thought about our conversation and thought to myself you can learn so much from others especially those older than you.

I think that’s why I have been more of an introvert my whole life. It’s because I don’t care too much about small talk. What I care about is the important things in life. I also want to hear people’s stories or learn new life lessons. Asking me “what’s up?” doesn’t satisfy me. It seems boring and pointless to me.

When I was talking to her tonight she would tell me stories of growing up and how she is different from her family. It was really nice to just listen to her light up telling me all of these things. I always love hearing people’s stories. You can learn so much about them and even learn about yourself.

Even as a young girl I loved looking up to my elders and hearing their stories. It might have also had to do with that the fact my grandparents all died before I really got to know them, but regardless I just loved hanging out with older people. At a young age I knew that I could learn so much from them and I soaked that information in like a sponge. Because one thing I have always loved is knowledge. I’ve always been fascinated with learning except if it was math past elementary school then that’s a big no haha.

I just wanted to share this with you all because there is so much we can learn from others out there. We just need to spend less time in our own lives and take more time to learn about others. It will not only help us learn but to also show others we care. To me that is a win, win situation.

I dare you all reading this to go out and learn more about others. Learn their stories. The funny, the sad, and the serious. All of these stories you can take and apply it to your own life.

Lots of love! Talk to you all tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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