Positively Optimistic Day #50- Life MakeOver

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins

Trying to reprogram your mind isn’t easy. Especially when it’s been with the wrong program for a very long time. I think people like to think it’s like a “poof” and all of a sudden you are fixed or that there’s a magic pill that will make everything better. Well both of those things are inaccurate. If anything trying to change your mind is harder than changing anything else.

I can’t tell you how many positive mind books, audio books, and speeches I have studied. It’s easy putting the knowledge in your brain yet applying the lessons you learned is another story completely. Today I made a significant yet subtle change to my life. I started cleaning and I mean really cleaning.

I hate to say this, but sometimes I can be very much a slob. I will have clutter all over my room and sometimes honestly it’s surprising something hasn’t come alive with all of the mess. I can be the messiest person ever, yet I love the feeling of cleaning and how it looks. Let’s just be honest here. I’m lazy about it.

As I was reading one of my books I read what I have heard before and that was “if your home environment is messy that can really effect you.” I’ve heard this countless times yet I just always seem to brush it off. Today I decided; however, I’m cleaning and cleaning good. I started cleaning everything. Even the things I was scared to clean because I was scared to like microwave bowls that had leftover food in it. I know gross..but I’m just being real.

As I was cleaning I had my headphones on listening to motivational audio. It was so nice because I was killing two birds with one stone essentially. I usually just lay down listening to those and I kept thinking while I was cleaning today I could do this all the time. I could mix different tasks and get them all accomplished.

Instead of letting everything stay messy while I’m just laying back watching videos or whatever I can do both. I can have a task I enjoy doing and do it while I do a task that I may not enjoy as much such as dishes. I then thought to myself I can do that within other areas of my life. For example if I wanted I could exercise while I watched a YouTube video or listen to an audio book while I’m cooking. I’ve always been a fan of multitasking anyway so in that sense I might as well put that to use.

Regardless I can’t tell you how good it felt to clean. It felt so good to get that little thing accomplished. I completed a task and it also helped me feel loads better. So it was basically a win, win situation. I also keep re-enforcing myself that if I want changes in my life I need to do differently or I’m just going to get the same results.

Messy room = Bad mood

Clean room= Good mood

Very simple, yet so effective when you start applying this to different areas in your life. I want to challenge you reading this to try some method of multi tasking a task you don’t like with one you enjoy and see how it goes. I hope you will all see gradual positive changes in your life as you begin to do this.

Overtime your life will get a makeover. No, it won’t be a whole lot all at once, but the biggest chances are not all at once. Instead they are little changes that lead into the big one. For all of you giving your life a makeover as well..I truly wish you the best of luck and I know you can all do it!

Write tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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