Positively Optimistic Day #52- What’s Best?!

“Do what’s best for you, and do it to the best of your ability – go after your goals like nobody’s business.”-Michael Oher

Lately I’m coming into terms that what is best for you isn’t always what people think it is. I wanted to share this all with you because it’s important. Too many times we care too heavily about people’s opinions or feel less than if we go in a direction that is in our best interest.

For example one thing that happened in my life is that I had to turn down a job I really wanted because I could not afford the bills just on that job. And unfortunately the job I’m at now wouldn’t work around that. Even though I really wanted that job I wanted a roof over my head more so I gave it up. It was a very hard decision, but I did it in my best interest.

Lately I’m going through other hard decisions. I may make choices people don’t like; however, no matter what you do they’ll always be people judging you. The thing is people can tell you what they think you should do, but besides God you are the only one that really knows you. People can have your best interests at heart but can still be wrong.

People may not like if you move, if you take medicine, if you go to church, if you have to leave toxic relationships, if you have to change your major in school..etc. Those are just examples from my own life, but you get the point. No one lives your life but you. So do yourself a favor and do what’s in your best interest.

You are special and unique, so what works for you may not work for someone else. Experiment what works in your life and what doesn’t. That’s what I tell people about losing weight too. Find a way that works for you. I get up every morning to work out and try to be mindful of what I eat, but my lifestyle may not work for everyone.

For example I was a vegetarian for 3 years of my childhood. I wouldn’t eat any meat. This worked for me for those years, but I know many people who would never give up meat. That’s because we’re all different.

I see many comments on YouTube from vegans bashing veterans and meat eaters. For me that contradicts what they are standing for in the first place. A vegan lifestyle is supposed to be about showing compassion and love to animals. Yet I can’t tell you how much hate I see come from their mouths bashing someone’s lifestyle. I’m in no way saying this is all vegans I’ve just seen a lot of them comment hateful things.

When I was a vegetarian I didn’t ever judge a meat eater for eating meat. I know that it was their decision. I wanted people to become vegetarian because I knew that could save more animals lives, but I never bash someone because they ate meat. Even as a child I understood that was their lifestyle. Plus I also knew being mean wouldn’t help them convert.

That’s the same with about anything in our life. We all have different beliefs, different values, different histories, different cultures, etc. In your life you just have to find what works for you.

I myself, pick up traits I see and learn from others and apply them to my life. I don’t agree with everyone about everything, but I take what I learn from them and apply the things that work for me in my life.

My cousin Lynn for example got me into coffee and having a more healthy lifestyle. I didn’t know what hummus or avocados were until she introduced me to them haha. She also got me going to church to church more when I lived in Indiana. However; I don’t agree with her on everything and she doesn’t agree with me on everything. Which is a good thing because we can share different opinions with one another.

My mom and me also have very different ways of looking at the world and yet similar too. My mom is a very negative person which was a thing that I picked up on as a young child and applied to my life. However; I’m choosing to change that in my life because I know that doesn’t benefit me. There are many things I love about my mom though and that’s what I want to always keep. Like her loving heart. She has one of the most caring hearts I know and that’s something I try to apply to my life.

I pick and choose what traits from people I want to adapt into my life and use them to help make my life better for me. However if a family member or friend adapted some of the traits I did it wouldn’t work for who they are. And guess what?…That’s okay!

Throughout our lives we are going to change and make decisions. People are going to be like “why are you doing this?” They will want to try to understand, but the thing is it’s your life not theirs. So don’t feel guilty. Say your father is a lawyer and wants you to go to Harvard and become one too, but you want to be a missionary. He may be mad, but guess what it’s your life not his and darling only you know what is truly best for yourself.

Do what’s best for you!

Talk again tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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