Positively Optimistic Day #59- Adding a Twist

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. -Charles Kettering

I wasn’t sure what topic to write about today, but then as I walked into Starbucks and the store wasn’t making drinks only selling pastries and cooled drinks I got inspiration. I was going in for a latte, but got a sparkling water instead. That reminded me that sometimes it’s good to change things up.

It’s funny as I was walking into the building I was thinking about that I want to start making more changes in my life. Switch some of the stuff up that I’m doing. Not necessarily changing my latte, but changing other things up in my life as well.

One thing I want to change is breaking out of my shell and just going out there and meet new people. I complain so much about being lonely down here yet I make no effort to meet new people. It’s one of those things “how are you supposed to get different results from doing the same thing?” I’ve talked about this a lot in previous posts because I believe it’s so important.

That is an example of a bigger change. Today however I thought even more deeper into it. I was thinking today how important it is to even change up the small things sometimes. I mean why do we have to get the same drink every time we get coffee? Why do we have to buy the same groceries all the time? Why do we have to exercise at the same place everyday?

It’s sometimes as if we become robots. We become a slave to doing everything the same way all the time. I’m not exactly sure why we do this but I think it might have to do with feeling of comfort. It’s like we have to do the same thing all the time to feel like safe? Yet how is it going to hurt you to make one little change? Probably none.

Why not do these little changes then? You may never know for example you might try a new drink and find out you like it better than the drink you got all the time. But you never will know if you don’t dare to make a small change in your life.

I believe by constantly adding like changes/ twists to our lives it helps keep us young. It helps us to not fall into the pattern of this world. We could all use a little change here and there. It helps us grow and expand. I think that’s why one of my dreams is to travel. When you get to travel you get to experience so many different experiences that will broaden your horizons.

Little do people know you can do that to some degree even when you’re not traveling by just doing stuff that’s not in your everyday habit. It could be as simple as going to a new restaurant to discover new food you’ve never tried before. Or even changing one grocery item you get when you go to the store. There are little changes you could make everywhere in your life if you just look closely.

Well I hope you all have a great day! I’ll write to you all again tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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