Positively Optimistic Day #61- Decisions

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”-Roy E. Disney

Do you all ever wish that sometimes the right decision for your life was obvious? I mean I have trouble making a decision about what I want to eat..let alone decide what I must do in my life. It’s funny as a kid I thought 23 was old and that people in their 20s had their life figured out. Yet to tell you the truth I’m just starting to get a hang of this whole life thing.

And what’s worse is life isn’t like some Nintendo game. We’re not Mario and we only got one life to live here on this Earth. So we have to pay attention to the decisions we make.

I’m a big person on “what ifs”. What if I did this. What if I did that. I could go to town with what ifs. I constantly think about these things. Lately I’m trying to decide on a big decision and my mind keeps trying to go through the what ifs.

What I have to remind myself though is that there will always be “what ifs” but overall the decision that you pick happened for a reason. That’s what I believe with everything in my life. Even the stuff that was very hard in my life I believe happened for a reason.

So why can’t I just decide? Simply because it’s not easy. I know that whatever I decide has it’s pros and cons and trying to determine what’s overall best for my life is scary.

I read a quote today that I posted up above written by Roy Disney. Reading this quote opened my eyes a bit. It’s basically saying that your values will help you make the decision. I then thought about that and I have decided I need to focus less on which choice is better, but learn what my values in life are before I make the overall decision.

I need to learn what I’m about before I make a decision that is about me and my life. I encourage all of you reading this is to stop with the “what ifs” of a decision or worry about what is best. Focus on you and what you want out of life and your values. Then as Roy said it’ll be easy!

Until tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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