Positively Optimistic Day #62- Importantly Stupid

“When you look at death, it makes you understand the importance of the moment when you have life and death in front of you, and you witness seeing someone deteriorating in front of you – it’s an overwhelming experience. If you don’t learn from that, I don’t know what else you’re gonna learn.”-Mickalene Thomas

Today I want to talk about importance in our lives. The stuff we give importance to sometimes isn’t really all that important. I was reminded of this lesson yesterday when a girl tragically had a seizure in the middle of our dining hall. Some of my coworkers and some great guests went up to help this girl. 911 was also called.

I kept my distance as I knew in an emergency it is really bad if too many people are all in that area. I did happen to glance over to see her and when I did I saw this poor girls face. It looked so scared and it made me break inside. Yet everyone had to go on with their jobs as we waited for the paramedics to come get her.

What really made me mad is how others responded to this situation. I can’t tell you how many guests were complaining about little things about their food as someone a few feet away from them is having a very serious seizure that could be life threatening. One of my server friends even told me that one lady was complaining that her eggs were cold while the whole thing was going on. This really made me boil with anger inside.

How can someone think food is more important than someones life? It still makes me so angry when I think about it. People are just so selfish that they can’t stop thinking about their needs for one second to care about other people. There were plenty of people that wanted to ask what was going on, but only a few actually stepped up to help.

This made me really think that most of us need to think whats really important. Now most things aren’t as drastic as someone wanting their eggs heated while someones facing a near death situation, but I think we can all think of situations in our lives where we make things either less important or more important than what they really are.

For example with me sometimes I freak out if I don’t look exactly the way I want to when I get ready in the mornings. I will spend so much time straightening my hair and applying makeup. I’m not saying this is a really bad thing, but I make it so much bigger in my mind than what it really is. Like I really doubt if people are obsessing over if I missed one hair when I was straightening it. And if they do that’s pretty terrifying.

Often times we think little things are way more important than what they really are. Today I want to challenge all of you to think about what you give too much importance to or too little too and instead think of the stuff that really matters. Like your family, friends, your health, education, etc. Compare all those big things to the little things you get so worked up over and see how it really changes your perspective.

You’ll start feeling grateful for what you do have and the little things won’t bug you as much as they used to. We only live for a limited time so we might as well focus on the things that do matter. Or we are just going to spend our lives wasted on worrying about things that really do not matter.

That’s all I got for today. Talk to you all tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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