Positively Optimistic Day #67- Where I Belong

When you know and respect your Inner Nature, you know where you belong. You also know where you don’t belong.- Benjamin Hoff

Today I got a short post for you all. Yesterday I was working on some writing for a novel idea I came up with. I was so in the zone I kept writing then I realized I had to go to my “job”. It made me sad because while I was writing it didn’t feel like work to me. It sounds funny, but when I’m writing it just feels like I belong there.

So many times in my “jobs” I just don’t feel like it’s where I’m supposed to be. I have to remind myself though it’s just a job until I can get one that I actually like. But what I do like about having my serving job is that I get to work less hours so I can spend my time doing more of the things I want to do.

There are so many mornings I just don’t feel the will to go to work or I feel like quitting that job, but even though it’s not ideal like I want it to be it’s still letting me have time to do a job that I want. So yes I’m not living the dream right now, but I’m getting closer by working on my side projects.

Everyday I try to remind myself of this and it makes me feel better. Just like what this blog is all about is seeing the positives in different situations. That’s how I’m going to view working this job while I work closer to my goals.

I just wanted to tell you all you may not be in the place you want to be in today, but you’re getting there. You may be down on yourself because you think other people are moving up the latter faster than you or that you have to work a job you don’t like (like I do). But just remember you’re getting closer to your dreams everyday. So just keep moving strong and know that great things are going to come your way! One day you are going to find that place where you belong!

Talk again tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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