Positively Optimistic Day #70- ..And We All Fall Down

“You don’t get drown by falling into a river. You get drown by remaining there. Falling accidentally and rising immediately was what distinguished Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln from the rest.”- Israelmore Avivor

I don’t know about you all, but when I was a child I loved ring around the rosie. I remember one time in particular I was probably about 4 and just learned it. I was by a stop sign and went in circles around singing the song. I’m not sure how many times I did this, but I did it many, MANY times. Who would have guessed that little thing could represent life?

If you do your research about Ring Around the Rosie you will discover it has a dark meaning behind it as many nursery rhymes secretly do. Weird how we sing these things to our children. Don’t even get me started on ones like rock a bye baby. It is very interested researching about them so if you haven’t and have free time I suggest it. Besides the point at the end of Ring Around the Rosie it says we all fall down.


To me this whole thing represents so much. You go around in circles to fall down, and guess what we do after we fall down? We get back up. Then the child (like myself) we foolishly do it again, and again until they get into a very bad dizzy spell. The point is in life we seem to go around in circles sometimes, we fall down, but the most important lesson is we get back up.

There have been many, many things in my life that have made me just want to throw in the towel and give up. Except your girl ain’t no quitter. I remember in middle school it was such a rough time in my life. I got bullied horribly each day. I didn’t wear makeup like the other girls and at the start of middle school I was very over weight (then would get too skinny). I was particularly bullied a lot in my choir class. The girls were very mean to me. I remember one girl even refused to stand by me while singing. She didn’t want to stand by that “thing.”

I got a rep of not being anybody in middle school based on what I looked like. I was just a “thing.” I remember one boy in particular was so horrible to me. I can still remember being in the classroom and him saying “why is that thing in here?” I’m not going to lie these words people said to me cut me. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I still sometimes feel insecure about them.

I have people honestly tell me daily now that they think my eyes are beautiful. Yet in middle school before I started using make up I was called “fish eyes” because my eyes were so small. I still sometimes will think about this even though it was YEARS ago. Because words do hurt, but the thing is we have a choice whether we are going to let it continue to hurt us or that we are going to use it to become stronger.

My choir class in particular every adult told me to switch classes because how relentless the people were. But I remember telling them “No, I want to sing.” At that point I wanted to be a singer..haha I know. But regardless I think this is very important that at a young age I didn’t give up something I cared about because of other people. I didn’t let their opinions stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

I had fell down a lot at that point in my life, but I still managed to get back up. I also did not have an easy home life either. So I basically was going back and forth from bad to bad. I could have let those things completely destroy me, but I didn’t. I got back up.

I’m not saying I never struggled. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for about my whole life. While always struggling with wanting to commit suicide. Even making an attempt to take my own life. Just because I wanted the pain to end, but even from those broken moments I was able to get back up. Luckily I have been fortunate for the most part to have some people in my life that have really helped inspire me to get through these times. And helped me get right back up and start fighting again.

I don’t know what obstacle you might be going through right now. You may feel so alone. Some of the things in my life I don’t even know anyone else who has gone through them and it sometimes makes me feel hopeless, but I choose not to give up anyway. And I also know that I have God and other people in my life supporting me. I may not have tons of people, but I have those who are important. To those of you who aren’t religious and don’t have anybody..I still want you to know that you are not alone. There are many people around the world that feel alone. Even people who seem to have it all can feel so all alone.

You may feel like giving up, but please never give up! For the time you want to give up the most is the time you need to hold on because things will start getting better. I don’t care how hopeless your situation seems to be. There is still hope for you. We have all been through things, done things we’re not proud of, been hurt by others. There is a song by Third Day I love and it says:

“There is hope for the helpless.

Rest for the weary

And love for the broken heart

And there is grace and forgiveness

Mercy and healing”

This song is so beautiful! And it just helps remind you that no matter what place you’re in there is hope. Don’t give up lovelies!

Talk to you all tomorrow,

Love Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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