Positively Optimistic Day #74- There’s No RIGHT Way

“I’m not an anthropology buff, but I’ve read enough of it to know that the Zuni don’t think that their way is the way for everyone, and that the Navajo don’t think their way is the way for everyone. Each of them has a way that works well for them.” 

-Daniel Quinn

I want you to imagine for a moment if an advertisement on television came on that went like this:

“Don’t know what to do in life? Always feel like you make wrong decisions? Do you feel like you can’t do anything right?

Well if that’s you you’re in luck because today we are selling this cool new product called ‘The Rightz Way’ for only the small price of $19.95.

Once you drink this bottle you will suddenly always do things the way that they are supposed to be done. You can kiss away any more problems coming your way with this gem.”

So let’s just be real for a second.

  1. This product would never be sold for that cheap
  2. There is NO right way

As a child I thought I would figure out everything and know exactly the correct way on how to live my life. I was convinced by a certain age that I would get this life thing down. However that is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves as children.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me and how many times I’ve told myself that “I don’t feel my age.” That’s because we had this idea when we were children what we would be like when we got that age. Most of the time though what we thought we would be doing or how we thought we would be at that certain age doesn’t match up with what actually happens.

It’s funny in elementary school you look up to the high schoolers and think “wow they are so old.” Then you get to be in high school and you don’t know what the crap you’re doing. You still feel like a baby. But then you tell yourself “well when I graduate college or in a couple years” that you’ll finally feel like you got your life under control. But this is such a lie.

The truth is we are in the learning process from the day we are born until the day we die. We will never completely get our life together and somehow figure out the right way of doing things. That’s because it just doesn’t exist. Most of the time we will grow and do better in life, but that in no way means we have it figured out in the slightest. We just learn from experience and what we call the “wrong” decisions.

I’m hear to tell you though that don’t go out and make dumb decisions intentionally, but I’m hear to tell you as well that when you think that you are such a screw up because you think you should have done something a ‘better’ way then I want to tell you..forget that. We all do things and even if you think you really made a ‘wrong’ decision you still learned from it and you can learn not to make that again.

I remember when I was a kid I did this very stupid thing constantly. I would get bored and while someone was rocking in the rocking chair at my great grandpas house I would put my hand under it. Now in the back of my mind I knew it was going to hurt me, but I did it several times. Why? Because I stupidly dared myself to do it. I told myself if I didn’t do it I was chicken. However; after a few times of making that dumb decision I learned that maybe I shouldn’t put my hand under there if I still want a hand.

In a perfect reality, where I was a perfect child I wouldn’t have put my hand underneath to get smashed. I would have just watched television or something. Yet now I can look back at this story and just laugh. I can also use this as an example like I’m doing now.

Hopefully you all weren’t as silly as a kid, but you get my point. Even though I made a really dumb decision (more than once) I could use that thing in my life to help me later on down the line. So maybe it wasn’t the ‘right’ way in other’s eyes, but it was my path so it was the right way for me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered about the ‘right’ way.

What’s the right way to do my makeup?

What’s the right way to talk to people?

What’s the right way to write my book?

What’s the right way to make friends?

The truth is the right way is your own way. Your way is what is right. So what Kylie Jenner has big lips. That doesn’t mean it means it’s your “right” way. We all have the power to create our right ways. Which isn’t going to be someone else’s right way. So throw away that instruction book. You are beautifully designed as your own person and have your own way of doing things.

Well that’s all I got for today everyone!

Much love and write again tomorrow,

Your homegirl Amber ❤️❤️❤️ (okay that was super lame haha)

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