Positively Optimistic Day #86- Behind Your Smile

“Nothing shakes the smiling heart.” – Santosh Kalwar

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a person who smiled a lot. It was just always very natural for me. To the point sometimes in my life it’s annoying- because I don’t want to smile at certain moments of my life. Even as a kid my one teacher gave me the nickname “Smiley Amber.” Smiling generally means you are happy. And for the most part I’ve always tried to be positive around other people; yet behind my smile I would hide all the pain I really felt.

I have found that other people can be that way too. I’ve gotten so good at reading people that now I usually can spot a fake smile from a real one. Now I would say many people like myself have real smiles; however, even though they’re smiling it doesn’t reflect on how they feel inside. Now why would they be smiling if they weren’t happy? Many reasons. I mostly find it because of two main reasons: they don’t want people to ask them what’s wrong, and two they don’t want people to feel hurt like they hurt.

Many times we can walk around life and just put on a smile and people will just assume we are happy. I can’t tell you how many times my friends have thought I was so happy when in reality I could have been fighting to just get out of bed at that time. It was sometimes really annoying when I moved down here I’d post stuff on Facebook about working at Disney and people would just think my life was perfect and I was so happy. Yet at some of those points during my program I had gone through hardships that only a hand full of people knew about.

My point is people can show that they are ‘happy’ on their face or by doing other things..when in reality they’re not. This just hit me hard recently. It hit me that I’m smiling again because I’m actually happy not because I feel like I need to. I’m finally being able to be happy about most of the areas in my life. I have my days still. But it’s amazing on how far I’ve come. Even how far I’ve come since I’ve started this blog has been incredible. I’m more motivated than ever to grow my happiness to more than I ever thought to be possible.

The message I want to leave with you all today is to go out there and really smile. Go find things in life that light you up and ignite the flame in you. You can still smile to help lift other people up, but I want to challenge yourself to really smile because you feel happy from the inside out. That’s your most beautiful smile. And guess what?! You most definitely deserve it!

Write to you all tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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