Positively Optimistic Day #88- Growing Together

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”- Benjamin Franklin

Over the years I have found that the people that you’re around can really influence you. They can influence you either in a negative way or positive way. Or sometimes both.

Let me give you an example that could go either way. For example you are trying to lose weight and you have friends around you that will influence your journey. On one extreme your friends could hinder your progress by always bringing you junk food or always wanting you to go out to eat. Or you could have friends that encourage and motivate you. Maybe they want to lose weight to do they start going walking with you. Or your one friend might already be on their fitness journey and can help you learn ways to achieve your goals.

This is just one example, but as you can see by that the people you’re around can really influence you. I feel that’s why many people turn to unhealthy things like drugs. It may not be because of peer pressure, but it might just always be around you so it’s harder not to try it when it’s just always there in front of you. It’s like if someone would dangle a candy bar in front of you everyday.

The people you’re around can really have an influence over you whether you realize it or not. I’ve seen it countless times in my life and other people’s lives. One example from my own life is that my mom is a very negative person. I love my mom to pieces, but this is just how she is. I remember going from a happy, go lucky child to an extremely negative one. I’m not blaming everything on my mother, but I do acknowledge that I watched her a lot and picked up on her bad, negative habits.

Later on down the road I saw how destructive it was for me and decided to change my old negative habits. Which I’m still working on haha. I have learned that even though I love my mom more than words can express I have to limit how much time I talk to her if she’s being negative, because I know that’ll bring me down. I want to stress never feel bad for having to put a limit or in more drastic cases cut someone out because of what it’s doing to you.

In one of my past relationships it was very abusive and I stayed in it thinking that I could help that person change, but like my mom preached to me (and I didn’t listen about) you can’t change a person. It has to be that persons choice to change.

However; you can help a person grow. In fact that’s one thing I love about the relationship I’m in now. We challenge each other to do better and be the best versions of ourselves. But we don’t try to change each other. We just inspire each other to do better and that’s what a healthy relationship is about. Regardless of if it’s a romantic relationship or not you should surround yourself with people who help bring you up, not down.

I understand if you have some circumstances where you can’t get out of people bringing you down. Like if you’re under 18 and can’t leave your house. In that case just do your best to ignore whatever negative thing they are influencing and look outside your home to find people to help you grow. That is one thing that really helped me get through when I was younger. I found people to help motivate me to be better and help me grow.

My challenge to all of you today is to look at the people you have in your life and really ask if they bring you up or down. I also want you to think the other way around. Do you bring positive energy to others? If not I dare you to go out and find people who will help encourage you. And if you could improve start now. What are you waiting for? You have so much good to offer this world darlings!

I hope you all have a great day today!

I’ll write you all again tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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