Positively Optimistic Day #91- Dark Side

“The more we deny that we have a dark side, the more power it has over us.”-Sheryl Lee

It’s funny you watch movies like Star Wars and you hear the terms “Don’t go to the dark side.” I never really thought about it before, but that really resembles life. Whether we all want to admit it or not we all have a dark side. Some people’s dark sides just show more than others, but we all do in fact have one. And sometimes it’s hard not to go to that place.

My dark side has always been my depression. I’ve been open and honest on here about my struggle battling depression since I was a child. However; you all would not believe how some people drop you when they realize you deal with it. Luckily many people have stuck by my side even at the darkest times of my life. That being said though I have lost a whole lot of people too because they weren’t willing to stick by me when they realized I had a dark side.

Sometimes I get mad at myself and think “well if I wasn’t depressed I wouldn’t have lost those people.” Which may have some truth to it, but on the same token if those people had to leave because depression and not see all the other specialness I have about me..then they aren’t worth my tears. When people really love you/ care about you they are still going to be there for you no matter what. They may not like your dark side, but they look past it to see the true beauty that lies there. And they keep on loving you regardless of it.

Now keep in mind I’m not saying stay in an abusive relationship or let someone’s dark side bring you down constantly. You can still really love/ care about a person and need to have distance from them or cut them out of your life if it gets to an extremely toxic point. What I’m trying to say is if someone can’t except you for all of you; not just the pretty stuff then they are not worth it. I can’t tell you how many times I accepted others for their dark sides, but then when I asked them to accept mine they wouldn’t. It hurt..but now I can look back and be grateful, because I realized those people didn’t look past my dark side into who I really am.

You want people who accept you for everything not just what you post on Instagram. You are much more than a Facebook post, a picture, money, popularity, etc. We are all humans and our lives are much more than just the ‘nice things’. Life is also about the hard things like loss, pain, heart-break, and our dark sides. Of course we don’t like these things and we should not try to intentionally have them happen, but they are a part of life just as the great things in life are.

What I want to tell you all is that maybe you’re afraid other people are not going to accept your darkness, and you might be right some people may not, but the right people will. The ones that matter will love you through both your light and dark. So if you feel like no one is ever going to accept you for everything..I’m here to tell you there’s people out there that will. So I challenge you all to go out there are shine your bright lights, but don’t be scared of your darkness is going to scare everyone away. You will find those that will stay.

Until tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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