Positively Optimistic Day #98- Perfection

“I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them.”-Mary J. Blige

So I just wanted to come out and tell you all something….

“I’m not perfect.”

Obviously I’m not perfect, but I just wanted to admit it to all of you and myself. Especially myself. Because whether I want to admit it or not I want to be perfect in all the things that I do, but that’s just never going to be possible. No matter how much I want it to be true.

I can’t tell you how much I compare myself to others. I feel like I could win a prize in the “I compare everything about myself to another person” contest. So many times I see these other woman who are around my age and just think they are just the definition of perfect. They look like a freaking Victoria Secrets model while kicking ass in their careers. While most times I feel like I look like a potato just struggling to get by.

I look at them and their lives and feel this envy because I’m not like them..I’m not perfect. The thing though is nobody is. Except Jesus. But you get what I’m saying haha. I know many woman and even men deal with this. Feeling like they are inadequate compared to other people. I mean nowadays it’s hard not to feel like this.

All you have to really do anymore is look on social media and “boom” here comes jealously. Look at Sally Pintobean over here. (Yes I know that is a horrible last name but work with me) Sally posts that she just got married to Brad Pitt, she moved into a gigantic house, drives a really nice car, has her dream job, she can’t take a bad selfie, has traveled all around the world, is rich, and on top of it all she’s expecting her first child…all before turning 25. This is an extreme example, but you get where I’m getting at.

We see peoples “perfect” lives on social media and when we compare them to our lives we feel less then. The thing about that though is yes, Sally Pintobean may have a good life, but she also has problems too. For starters she was bullied about her last name for a very long time. She has gone through abusive relationships in the past. She wasn’t always so pretty. She has had a miscarriage. She still struggles with feeling good enough too. Yet we don’t know any of this because Sally doesn’t tell everyone.

We look at everyone else and think “man they have it easy” or “their life is so perfect.” But the truth is we are all going through things. Some of us may have it harder than others, but no ones life is truly easy. We all have to deal with insecurities no matter how beautiful we are, we all have to deal with loss of loved ones, we all have to deal with hurt that life causes us.

I want to challenge you all today to stop thinking you wish you were like so and so. When those thoughts creep in just tell yourself they are not perfect either. No matter how perfect they might seem. And I want you to remind yourself how much of a beautiful person you are both in and out.

I have a great example of this from my life today. I went to an interview for a job that I really want and while I was there I saw all these woman who looked flawless and had their lives put together. I then went into my interview and then the interviewer asked me the question “why should we pick you out of all the others who I’m interviewing today?”

Then all of a sudden an answer came over me that might have seemed conceited, but it wasn’t.

What I basically said was:

“I’m not like anyone else. For a long time I felt like that was a bad thing, but through my journey I’ve learned to embrace it. And to tell the truth it would be the companies loss not to hire me, not mine.”

After I said that I felt like it sounded like I was full of myself which was far from the truth. I’ve just learned through my life that I am worth something. I used to believe I was worthless. But now I can look at myself and know that after everything I’ve been through I am worth so much. And if any job, person, or anything can’t see that then they aren’t worth my time. I realize now I deserve so much and I refuse to settle for less. I want you all to feel the same way about yourselves.

That’s all I got for today!

Talk again tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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