Positively Optimistic Day #102- Work, Work, Work,..Work

“Talent without working hard is nothing.”-Cristiano Ronaldo

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just go through life and get everything we wanted/ needed without lifting a finger? Like you were on a vacation 24/7. You could do anything without having to worry about going to work in the morning.

As much as that sounds lovely I beg to differ there is greatness in work. Especially work that you are passionate for. So many of us tend to think of work as such a horrible thing. We go to work and bust our butts for a job we don’t care about and repeat that vicious cycle everyday.

No wonder we hate the idea of “working” when many times you are doing something completely different then what you want to be doing. We all then complain where our lives are yet we don’t leave a job that we don’t like for one we do.

We then start associating work as a bad thing. When in reality work can be such a good thing. I’ve already learned in my young life how valuable work can really be even with the jobs I can’t stand. They have taught me that things are much more valuable when you have worked hard for them.

For example you may want that new video game that’s coming out but you don’t have the money for it. You then work extra shifts at work to earn more money for it. There’s then a since of pride that you get when you worked hard to earn enough money to buy that product.

Working has also believe it or not really helped shape me. You can learn so much from any job you do. Even at my first job at McDonalds I got so much experience. I got to learn how to do things I’ve never done before like use a register to even making coffee (yes I had never made coffee before this job stop judging me haha). I also got to meet many different kinds of people. Unfortunately I learned through that job that people could be so mean. I remember before the job I was under the impression that all older people were nice. I was soooo wrong! Don’t get me wrong there was many lovely senior citizens, but many times they could be the rudest customers.

Today I challenge you all to view work differently whether that mean to quit your job you hate for one you’d love or to learn to see the value in the one you have now. Either way challenge what you can learn from working and how those things can help you grow over all and teach you things you’ve never learned before. Also take pride in your job because almost every job out there is supposed to be helping someone out there whether you work in a restaurant and your helping others by getting them food or you are the mayor of the town making sure others are kept safe. Our jobs in some shape or form are to help benefit others so also keep that in mind.

Write again tomorrow,

Amber ❤️❤️❤️

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