Date Night at Disney Springs

Hey Beautiful Dreamers,

Today I wanted to talk about something that was mentioned last week, but I’m going to make this whole post about it this week. The topic I wanted to share with you all is “loving yourself”. As simple as that phrase may sound it is not always that easy. For me at least I know that loving myself has been a very up and down (all over the place to be completely honest haha) journey. I used to think loving yourself would just be this epiphany moment where I’d always feel so in love with myself. As I get older and wiser; however, I realize that it’s an ongoing journey.

Some days I feel absolutely great about myself. I think “Wow Amber you look great. We can take some selfies today” or “you really killed it with that workout.” On the other hand I also have days like “who ran you over, a garbage truck?” or “you are really lazy”. Both are me talking to myself. Yet both are in completely different ways.

Now why am I talking about this when in the title it says “Date Night at Disney Springs”? Well because this date wasn’t with anyone but myself. You would find it so fascinating how many people think I’m absolutely strange for going on dates by myself. Many people say they would never do many of the things I have done by myself. I will admit there are times that, yes, I do wish someone was there, but at the same time it’s very nice to just enjoy the moment and by present in each thing going on.

Now why would I call them dates? My response to that would be because I am dating myself. I’m getting to know me better, and I am spending time developing the relationship I have with myself by going out and doing things. I feel like you can truly measure a person’s confidence in themselves by their ability to go alone and do things. It honestly felt good that on Valentine’s Day of all days I went out by myself in a place full of couples doing things together and didn’t let that stop me from doing things I wanted to do.

One of the things that I did while I was at Disney Springs was go watch a movie. I went to go see that new movie with Rebel Wilson who starred in Pitch Perfect. The movie is called Isn’t It Romantic and if you haven’t seen it I would recommend it. I have always been a sucker for romantic comedies anyway, but this movie also had the same message that I’m sharing today. To love yourself. (Side note- It didn’t hurt that Liam Hemsworth was in it either…what a babe..Miley Cyrus is a lucky woman haha)

Besides the point the movie made, made my point of loving myself even stronger. We are all imperfect. We all find things wrong with ourselves whether it’s the way we act or a flaw we see in our physical appearance. None of us are perfect and whether we admit it or not some days we do not feel as great about ourselves as we want to feel. That’s okay though. That doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. Loving yourself is just even on the days you feel like crap about yourself, that you still decide to love yourself anyway.

Loving yourself is not on just the days you feel like doing it. It’s honestly even more on the days you don’t feel like it. The days you feel so bad and you just want to stay in bad because it’s so bad, but you decide to get up anyway, because you are choosing to love yourself. Loving yourself is a choose we get each and every day. It’s not always an easy choice, but once we make that decision it is very much worth it. Because when we decide to love ourselves our worlds begin to open up. Things start getting so much better in all the areas of our lives once we can make that choice.

Well thank you all so much for reading! I’ll talk to all you dreamers next week,



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