Gorgeous Gratitude

Hey Beautiful Dreamers,

Today I wanted to talk a little about happiness. Happiness has been what has felt like a constant battle. Whenever I talked to people about it. It seemed like I’d always go back to my childhood as being the happiest I had ever been. Every time I wanted to be happy again throughout my life I kept trying to think what made me happy back then. When I recall back to that time it always seemed so natural to be happy. One might think I had a fantastic childhood that made me happy. The truth is my childhood was far from perfect but I choose to look at it in a different light. Much of that I feel like I learned from my dad. My dad has very extreme mental issues, but what he had really strong mentally was looking at the bright side of things. I remember we wouldn’t have money for toys, but me and my dad would walk out to the store behind where we lived and play with the toys in the shop.

We would act so silly together. My dad would do a bunch of silly things like pretending to ride a tiny little rocking horse and I would just laugh. As we exited the store he would buy me a very cheap sucker and I would be the happiest little girl who walked the Earth. Not for having material things, but for having fun with the time I spent with my dad. Him making me laugh made me more joyful then the spoiled, rich girls my age who actually got the toy. Here is a picture of my dad now it’s hard to believe he’s in his 70s now:

I noticed recently in my life is the reason I’m not happy is because I think about the things my life lacks and not what I actually have around me. If we all focused on our problems and what sucks about our lives- of course that’s going to make us unhappy. However when we focus on what we do have our lives become so much more happier. That’s why recently I’m really trying to be grateful for the things that I do have around me instead of thinking of all the things that suck and lack in my life.

For those of you who don’t know I work at Disney. Is it a glamorous job at Disney? No. However the other day I kept thinking to myself how lucky I am to work them. I then spent that day walking around Epcot taking in all the beauty that was there. Which caused me to get beautiful pictures of the sun setting over Epcot. It really helped that sink in for me that I work for a company I’ve wanted to work for since I was basically born- haha- let’s be honest. That when I was too poor to go to Disney as a child I set the intention to one day be able to go. Not only have I been able to go once, but I could go to Disney almost every day out of the year if I wanted to now. If you had told me that when I was really young I would have been overjoyed.

The perks from Disney didn’t stop there either. Disney has recently started a program that helps their employees go back to school and I am going back to school because of them. I am so grateful to the company for allowing me so many amazing opportunities and not only that but allowing me to meet so many amazing people through all those opportunities. I have met some of my best friends from working there and for that I’m forever grateful.

Speaking of friends I’m so grateful for all the friends I’ve had throughout my life. Some of these friends are no longer here with me; however, I know they are in a better place, and always in my heart. There are also the friends that are still here with me that have stuck with me through so many things and some of them have literally saved my life. One of them in particular more than once. It’s no lie when I say I’ve dealt heavily with suicide in my past. One friend has been there with me through all of it and for that she has no idea how much she has done for me. Also my other great friends who have been there with me through so many hardships. For every single one of them I am beyond grateful.

All these things are like that view I saw from Epcot. You don’t really notice how beautiful they really are until you start focusing on them. I always knew Epcot was beautiful as I do other things in my life, but keep reminding yourself of the beauty and good in it, it will be overshadowed by the bad. That’s why so many times we all hear the expressions “look on the bright side” or “look at the glass half full not empty”. Both phrases are used so much. That’s because they both have a significant meaning. When you learn to flip the script from negative to positive your whole life starts to turn around. Not because you have better things, but because you notice the good things in your life.

You may think you have no good things in your life, but I beg to differ. Even just getting the opportunity to live another day is a gift. One that many of us take for granted. Now you may fight back and say “Well my life sucks so I’d rather not have another day to live.” With that I want you to think about all the people who have died. Especially babies who have died. Never getting the chance to do many of the things you have the opportunity to do. If your heart is beating here on this Earth then you are here for a reason, and we all should be grateful that we have that opportunity each and every day.

Be grateful for the roof over your head. If you’re reading this be glad you can read. We go through this life being so unhappy with the things that we do not have; yet, we don’t appreciate the things we do have. Something you take for granted someone else is wishing they had. Be grateful for the blessings that you have in your life no matter how small you think they are and you will see your life begin to change.

Well that’s all I got for right now. Talk to you later dreamers,


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