Body Positivity: My Opinion About Rebel Wilson’s Interview About Her Weightloss

Hey Beautiful Dreamers,

I am kind of late to this, but today I watched Rebel Wilson’s video about her weightloss. Listening to this interview I felt very inspired to write my opinion about it. As someone who has also lost a lot of weight I find what Rebel is saying in the interview extremely relatable. She commented that she knows what it’s like to be invisible and to have no one open the door for you. When I heard her say that I immediately thought back to before my weightloss and how I was treated differently as well.

The interview brought up a great point that you can accomplish so many things as a woman, but it doesn’t get the same amount of praise as when woman lose weight or dress up. It’s sad to think that we get more recognized more as woman for what we look like than our abilities. It’s no wonder that many of us woman put what we look like on this high pedestal when that’s what we are expected of.

I was talking to a friend the other day and we were talking about this topic as well. I told her that at some points when I was younger I felt like I wanted to harm myself just because I didn’t look how I thought I should. I would call myself all kinds of mean words and things because of my appearance. I also thought that after losing all the weight I would be happy with what I looked like…wrong..I wasn’t. If anything when I first lost the weight it made me even more insecure. I would just keep finding more flaws that I saw in myself besides just my weight. It wasn’t until I learned to love myself for who I am (no matter what I look like) that I started feeling more confident.

I love the message that Rebel is putting out there for young woman. She is sending out the message to be as healthy as possible, but also you can be beautiful no matter how much you weigh or what you look like. I think that message is extremely powerful. I also do my best to try to tell woman the same thing when they tell me they want to lose weight. I tell them do it feel better and be healthy, but never do it to try to prove to others your worth. If you do it for others validation it will just be an endless cycle that will drive you crazy — trust me from someone who knows. If you do it for anyone else you are never going to be happy that way.

This all being said I don’t think there’s harm in wanting to look your best for yourself as long as it’s not for the wrong reasons. I think when we feel good about what we look like on the outside it helps us also build our confidence, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a size 0 or look like a famous model to be happy with what you look like. There are so many uniquely made woman out there that are so beautiful because they feel comfortable in their own skin. They look beautiful to themselves and no one else’s opinion of them matters because they already know that they are beautiful and valuable.

I really want to applaud Rebel Wilson for being a good influence on young woman. I think it’s wonderful that she is telling woman that they are worthy no matter what weight they are and also inspiring people to take care of their health. I feel like it’s hard being famous and having all this influence over people, but I think she is doing a fantastic job of doing what’s best for her health while still continuing to be a great role model for body positivity. Also, sidenote I didn’t know she had a law degree and is also going to direct a movie. I think all that she is accomplishing is absolutely epic and deserves to be praised. Great job Rebel! Keep up your beautiful woman empowerment!

To all the lovely ladies or men reading this I hope you know just how truly wonderful and special you are. Let no one ever make you feel less than.

Have a wonderful day dreamers,

Your friend Amber

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