My Word of the Year

Hey Dreamers,

Before the beginning of this year started I was listening to a podcast and the podcast host was saying she always comes up for a word for her year. A word that would represent what you wanted the new year to be about. When I heard about this concept I completely fell in love with the idea and I decided that I also wanted to come up with a word that would represent 2023 to me.

This sounds like a simple challenge to come up with a word, but for someone like me who has trouble deciding the meal they will pick at a restaurant this was a real challenge to settle on a word that I could commit to. A word once I picked there was no going back. That would be the word that I would strive to live by this year. NO PRESSURE.

As I tried to come up with a word to commit to, ironically, at my job we had a morning meeting and this same topic came up. They wanted us all to pick a word of the year. Now it wasn’t just pressure to pick a word to represent my year, but now it was also for me now to come up with a word that was unique to me. I wanted a word that wasn’t the same as anyone else. One by one I watched people come up with their words with ease and I was still there trying to come up with something.

I kept thinking of something of something like working harder, but then it really occurred to me that I already work extremely hard. I’m one of the hardest workers I know. I work sometimes to the point where sometimes I forget I actually have a life outside of work. As I pondered about this the word “balance” came to mind.

Balance has always been something I have always struggled with. I’m the type of person who tends to find one thing that I consume my time with and all the other elements of my life I tend to put on the back burner. I realized that lately I work so hard that I don’t take time and smell the roses. I don’t take the time to really be in the present moment and enjoy my life like I should.

That’s when I came to the agreement with myself that my word of the year would be balance. Making sure I live my life more balanced and intentional. That I make time for fun, work, family, friends, dating, my goals, my hobbies, health/wellness, etc., etc. My goal of this year is to try to balance everything in my life to the best of my ability that way I can live my life as fully as possible.

I have made up in my mind that I am fully committed to this and am going on all. A new way I have been adding more balance to my life is keeping up with what I have in my planner everyday and sticking to everything I wrote down. In the past I have been bad with planners, but now I know that it’s aligned with helping me accomplish my word so I am using it everyday and fulfilling what I told myself I would do that day. A way I’m keeping track of that balance I want to achieve is by color coordinating each category. By seeing a variety of colors in my planner I know then that I have achieved balance in the areas of my life that I wanted.

Dreamers, I encourage you as well to find a word that you would like to live by this year. Think about what you really want in your life and pick a word that helps represent that for you. If you all would like to comment your words down below I would love to hear them.

Much love as always,

Your Girl Amber


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