Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Gaming


img_5620-1Hey Beautiful Dreamers,

Ever since I was a kid I loved to play video games. When I played a video game it felt like I was immersed inside of a movie or book, but unlike with a movie or a book I controlled more of what happened in the story. Video games quickly became an obsession for me. The obsession got so bad that I sometimes would even have dreams about playing the games. I in particular enjoyed playing games that featured a short, plump man named Mario.

Even though I loved video games, there was one aspect that I hated about them. The dreaded one thing I hated was when you would suddenly die on a high level with no lives left. That meant I had to start all the way from the beginning, and that I had to work hard to get to that point again. I would have to endure all the blood, sweat, and tears all over again (okay I’m exaggerating about the blood, but you get the point).

I still til this day hate dying in games and having to start over; however, I also see it now in a new light. I can look back over all of those ‘failures’ and see lessons that also apply to my actual life. One life lesson video games taught me was that if I won all the time without any issues there would be no challenge, and without the challenge it wouldn’t be as fun. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t feel near as accomplished after I won a game if it all had all come easy. I believe that this same thing can also be said about life. We go through trials all the time in life. If we didn’t have trials our lives would be very bland and boring. We all also wouldn’t feel as accomplished or successful if we all just had it handed to us. Our joy in life comes from working hard for what we want, and seeing our hard work pay off in the end.

Another lesson I’ve learned from dying all those times is that even though I had lost,  every time I started again was a new opportunity. It was a chance for me to start brand new. I think this can be said about our lives as well. We sometimes get so caught up in our losses that we don’t realize that these losses helped make us stronger. Every new day we live is an opportunity to take these ‘losses’ and apply them to make our lives even better.

If I didn’t fail all those times while gaming I wouldn’t have figured out the best way in order to win. It took those losses to learn what ‘not to do’ so eventually I could find what I ‘should do.’ We are going to mess up, or we are going to have events in our life that will try to bring us down. The important part of this is to not give up and know that these obstacles are going to get you a step closer to where you want to be in life. We may see these as ‘failures’, but what they really are is stepping stones to where we want to go. That being said I dare all of you reading this to go take those lessons you’ve learned and apply them to this new day/ opportunity!

Catch you later dreamers,



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