What I’ve Learned About Motivation


Hey Beautiful Dreamers,

Have you ever struggled with finding motivation to do something? Do you keep putting things you want to accomplish off? If so this post is for you!

I know for myself, personally, I have struggled with this throughout my life. I’d have all these goals that I wanted to accomplish, but I kept putting them all off until I felt ‘ready.’ Then tomorrow would come, next week, next month, until years passed by and nothing had happened. That ‘ready’ moment never came and I didn’t understand why. Here is what I have learned about finding that motivation.

You Are Never Going to Find Motivation

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In my free time I like to watch inspiring YouTube videos. A few years ago while watching these kind of videos on YouTube I stumbled upon a Mel Robbins video. Mel said in that video an idea that I had never heard before, and that is ‘motivation is garbage.’ She had said something that was so simple, yet it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized in that moment that I was never going to feel motivated to do something. It hit me that if I wanted something I had to stop making excuses and make myself do it.

Before that moment I had lived in this fantasy land that one day I was suddenly going to feel inspired to do something I wanted to do, but then years passed and nothing happened. I think many of us fall into that trap. We get into that rut of “I’ll do that tomorrow.” It’s not until you throw the excuses away and just do it that you are going to get anywhere. An example of this from my own life is my fitness journey. Throughout my life I’ve struggled with my weight either being too thin or overweight. It hasn’t been since these last few years that I’ve been able to get in more control of my weight. I struggled for the longest time living an active lifestyle; however, when I started pushing myself to start working out I was able to see progress I had never seen before in my life.

Now I go to gym regularly and working out has become a huge part of my life. Living an active lifestyle has become who I am, but I would have never gotten to that point if I had not pushed myself to do so first. There are still days I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I push myself to go do it anyway, because I know it will benefit me. I didn’t feel like going yesterday to be honest, but I made myself do it. I ended up having a great workout. I kept thinking to myself while at the gym that I could have missed out on a great workout if I had not pushed myself to go.

If you are reading this and struggle, like me, to find that ‘motivation’ I dare you to push yourself to do something you have been putting off to do. Yes, it’s hard to push yourself, but pushing yourself to do it is the hardest part. Once you push yourself and you do it I want you to see how it feels to accomplish it. I can almost guarantee that you are going to feel better about yourself. Also, once you do it you are going to start to realize you are in control of what you do in your life. That motivation isn’t what is going to drive you to do something. What you need to accomplish any goal you have already lives inside you. You got the power to do anything you want to do in this life.

Finding Your Why

img_2365Even though motivation is trash like Mel said I also think that it’s important to find your “why” for whatever you do. The “why” in your life is going to keep you going after you give yourself the push to do it. For example, I didn’t feel like writing this blog post at first. I then reminded myself  of why I want to write this blog. I reminded myself that I want to help people and by making myself write a post it could help at least one of you reading this right now. That made me want to do it.

If you look at any successful person in the world they all have a “why.” Inspirational people like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Gandhi, etc. all had a reason to why they were doing what they did. Even fictional characters like Superman have a “why”. If Superman didn’t have that drive to help others then he wouldn’t be going out to battle the bad guys. All of us need a reason to do something. Come up with your reason — maybe it’s to inspire others, maybe it’s for your kids, maybe you want to do it for yourself, your health, or your career. Whatever that reason is remember that when you go out to accomplish your goals.

Alright so that is all I have for today everyone. I hope you all have the most beautifully, wonderful day.

Thank you for reading dreamers,



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