You Never Know What Someone Else is Going Through

Hello Beautiful Dreamers,

I’m sorry it has been a hot minute since my last post. It’s sometimes a struggle to come on here and write all the time when I work two jobs and have other stuff going on, but I really want to make it a goal to come on here and write more because writing is where I feel like the best version of myself. I want to be able to continue to share that version of myself while hopefully helping those who read what I write in the process. Anyways, enough with all of that…let’s get on to the topic I want to talk about today and that topic is we don’t know what someone else is going through.

I was reminded that this lesson is important because of an event that happened to me the other day. The other day I picked up at a different work location which meant I worked with several people I didn’t know. For some reason while I worked there a lady kept pointing out all I was doing wrong in her eyes without really giving me a chance to explain what was actually going on. I will be honest I didn’t really care for her. She was being rude to me for no apparent reason, and I just didn’t get a good impression from her.

Later on while she was on break I noticed that she was crying. I then started to feel bad that I had judged her on that she was being kind of rude to me that I forgot in that moment that there is usually more to a person then what they present. That maybe she had been mean because she was actually hurting inside. She then comes up to me later and tells me that she is diabetic and was struggling. The lady ended up feeling better and we got along after that point. I was also reminded of that important lesson that we don’t know what others are truly going through each day.

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I can honestly say that this applies in my own life strongly. Some of the hardest battles I’ve faced I haven’t shown to the world and haven’t spoken to many about. When I’ve dealt with all these struggles like the one lady I thought was rude I also too sometimes acted out with anger because of what I was going through. Just because someone acts a certain way doesn’t mean it defines their character as a whole. We don’t know what that person has gone through in their life. This is why it’s important to be kind to even the people who are not so nice to you, because often enough it’s because they are hurting from the pain you are going through in their life.

No, that doesn’t give people the excuse to run all over you; however, I think it can give us all empathy for others and not be so quick to judge. After all, those people who are hurting are probably the ones who need the niceness someone else can offer them. Funny enough when I showed I cared to that lady who was mean to me she started acting very nice towards me and I think it was because she needed a person to hear her at and know that someone was there if she needed.

I’m writing this to remind myself and others that we never know what another person is walking through in their life and that’s why we need to keep spreading love/ kindness. To all of you reading this I want to challenge you all to be nice to those who are not as pleasant for you to deal with and do something nice for someone. This will not only make others feel great, but it will also help you feel great in the process as well. Let’s all go out and create a more beautiful world to live in! Well, that’s all I got for today until next time…

Talk to you later dreamers,


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