You Are What You Believe

Hey you Beautiful Dreamers you,

I’m excited to share a topic with you that has changed my life around for the better and honestly keeps changing it for the better the more I practice it. The concept is who you are is a reflection of how you feel about and see yourself.

For a good portion of my childhood and pretty much until high school I had such a low perspective of myself. I saw myself as a useless nobody, who no one liked, and got outcasted. As you can guess this way I saw myself effected my who life. I was young and didn’t realize at the time that the way I viewed myself was a huge factor on how others viewed me.

I really developed a victim approach to my life. It wasn’t until some people noticed it that I started to realize that I could control how I viewed myself. Fast forward..I began to learn about the law of attraction. If you don’t know what law of attraction is it’s basically that like attracts like. That the things in your life that you focus on and think about over time create your reality.

When I began to learn about this idea it gradually began to change my life. When I started to challenge the ideas I had about myself I saw massive change in my life. I remember I really put this idea into motion in my early 20s when I made my first dreamboard. I’ve mentioned it before in another blog post and the reason I mention it so much is because it’s when I started seeing my life transform.

The reason why I think this had such a significant impact in my life is because it had me challenge how I saw myself. I started associating with that new identity that I created on my vision board instead of the old identity I had for myself. I would do things that my new identity would do like work out for example. When I started changing my old habits to new habits that I wanted my new identity to have I saw massive change in my life.

My advice to anyone wanting to make a change in their life is to see yourself with that change and take little steps at a time that, that person would do. For example, if you wanted to be an artist. Ask yourself what an artist would do and how they would act. Then start coming up with things in your everyday life that would be like that ideal artist version of yourself. You could for example set an amount of time each day to sketch or look for other artists work to help inspire you. Small things that you can do over time that will eventually become a habit and help shift your identity.

Decide who you want to be, believe it and act accordingly to it. That’s really all you have to do. The ability to live the life you want and be the person you want to be lies within yourself.

Have a great night Dreamers & dream beautiful dreams,


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