Your Time is Valuable

Hey there Beautiful Dreamers,

Time. Such a simple word, but what a significant meaning. As a child it sometimes feels like time takes forever. You keep checking the clock and you swear that it was the exact same time 15 minutes ago. Then you grow up and it’s like time took many shots of expresso and is now going at an extremely fast pace.

As I keep aging the more I come to realize how valuable our time really is. This is why now I have come to a point in my life where I want to spend my time doing the things I love and spending it with the people who truly care about me. Life is too short in my opinion not to.

I find myself a lot lately trying to think about where I spend my time. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I just turned 27 and it’s hitting me that my 30s are right around the corner. Not that you are that old in your 30s, but for me it’s been a real awakening to see how fast almost 30 years has gone by. In a way this has been a motivator to me to get stuff done that I was before putting off because I told myself I could just do it later.

I am proud that I’m really focusing on the things I want to accomplish in life. I have been working on this blog, for example, more often. I have also been really practicing my art and photography too. All these things I have done on and off during my life, but at some point they would fall on the back burner and I’d just tell myself that I would do it later when I had more of my life together. It then hit me like a ton of breaks..I’ve been waiting for this perfect moment for everything to happen in my life that I avoid actually doing what I need to do to get the ball rolling.

I think most of us can relate to this to some extent. We procrastinate and wait for this what we think is the “right moment” that really doesn’t exist. After listening to podcasts and interviews with the most successful people most of them say there was never a perfect moment to begin, and most of them admit they may have even stunk at whatever they did at first, but guess what they got successful by putting the time and practice in it.

I think many of us have this illusion with social media as well. We think we’ll be famous by posting this one video and going viral. With modern technology we are used to getting what we want in an instant. I say this as I have been always a huge fan of technology; however, I think that since my generation and generations after have been raised with having many things just given to them that we develop this lazy mentality in a way that the older generations didn’t have. A good example of this is when people used to write research papers for school they used to have to go to the library and go through many books to find what they were looking for; however, now we have all this information by going to Google and not even having to leave our home. The older generations had to usually develop a hard work ethic when my generation for example didn’t have to work as hard to get some things. I am in no way saying my generation is lazy (I know the most amazing people with great work ethic that are my age) what I am saying though is that we weren’t taught always at a young age that we had to work hard for what we wanted. I can honestly say that during my childhood I would think all this success would be just handed to me.

Now as an adult I can see how silly that seems. Like of course you have to put in the work to make something happen. Back then I really didn’t understand the work I needed to put in and just how valuable my time was. I’m grateful that I’ve learned about work ethic and time management as I have gotten older. That being said I am not perfect at it and still need to work on it. I am so much better than I used to be though.

I have also noticed the value of my time when it comes to my relationships. I am now very picky about who I spend my time with. Now I only have room for people who are my real friends/family and treat me with the same respect I treat them with. I also try to now meet people who I also think will bring value to my life as I hope to bring value to them as well.

For much of my life I spent it trying to be there for people who weren’t there for me, or influenced my life in a negative manner. To be honest it’s really in this last year that I’ve realized that I don’t want to spend the precious time I have left here on this Earth trying to get people to see my worth or trying to drag them out of a dark place while I let them drag me into that. I realized I want to fill my life with people and experiences that add to my life, and I encourage you dreamers to do the same. Realize you deserve to have people in your life that really care about you and have experiences in your life to make your dreams come true.

Make the most out of your valuable time! You deserve the best. You may have to put in hard work and have to let go of some relationships in your life, but it will be worth it in the end. It will be worth it because that time spent will move you closer to the life you want to have.

Have a beautiful night dreamers,

Your friend Amber

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