Who Am I?

Hello there Beautiful Dreamers,

I hope you are all having a great day so far! This morning I’ve been just pondering about things and thought about the question “Who am I?”. It’s such a simple question to say yet it’s very powerful. As I asked myself this question I tried to think of a way to sum up who I am. When I thought deeper about the question; however, I couldn’t determine just one way or word to describe myself. That’s because I am many things just like you are.

You may be a daughter, a sister, a brother, an artist, a doctor, a caregiver, etc. Those are things that you could be, but they are just one way aspect of who you really are. For example, I am a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, an artist, a compassionate soul, a writer, hard- worker, goal achiever, a friend etc. But I am not just one of those things. I am several different things rolled up into one. Each one of those things tells a part of who I am, but not one of those aspects overall sums up everything that I am. These are all qualities that I have that when put all together help tell the story of who I am.

The powerful idea to also take away from this is we are all changing every single day so what might be a part of who you are right now may not be a part of who you are in the future. Also some parts may always be a part of your story but at different times of your life certain parts will play a more important part of telling who you are more than others. Who we are is not some set in stone answer. Who we are is who we decide to be in each present moment.

A strong example of this is our mistakes. We all make mistakes, but it’s our choice every single day whether we let those mistakes help define who we are. In certain stages of life you may think you are your mistakes, but in another stage you may see your mistakes as the fall you needed in order to become a better you.

My challenge for you today dreamers is to think about the factors in your life that make you who you are. Make a list and then look at that list and decide if that’s who you want to be in this very moment. If a yes, keep rocking what is true to you; however, if you don’t like all that’s on your list this is your opportunity right now to decide what you want to remove/ add to your list.

Have an Amazing Day Dreamers,



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