A Reminder of Your Inner Strength

Hi Beautiful Dreamers,

Lately I’ve been dealing with something that has been draining me. I keep hearing this voice in the back of my head saying “You cannot handle this. You are not strong enough.” For the last couple of days to be honest I haven’t felt very strong. Then a different voice inside of me raised it’s voice.

“Amber..do you not know who you are? Look at all you’ve overcome in your life. You’ve battled so many challenging obstacles in your life and you’ve always managed to get back up every single time. No matter what life threw at you. You thought you couldn’t pull through but you did. You did.”

Somehow that inner voice that spoke to me out of nowhere was that exact voice I needed to hear. I wanted to write about this in today’s post because one of you out there may be feeling like you can’t take any more or that you are not strong enough to handle something. I want to remind you like that little voice reminded me that YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH. Just because you feel like you will not make it through this circumstance doesn’t mean that you won’t.

You can and guess what? You will. You can get through anything this world will hand to you because you are you. You are equipped with whatever you need to make it through any situation. You a strong, you are brave, you are wonderful, and you can do anything. Believe this. Know this. Own this.

You got this dreamers,



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