Hi Dreamers,

Tonight I’ve been really thinking about things in my own life that need to be changed. I’ve been thinking of the aspects in my life that have been bringing more bad then good. It then came clear to me that I am in a need of a detox in various areas of my life.

One area I clearly see in my life currently that I need to detox from is being burnt out from overworking myself. Sometimes I feel like all I do is work. I have moments here and there where I feel like I do something to where I feel like I’m enjoying my life, but if I’m honest for the last few years it has been this constant grind of working all the time, because of a fear of not having enough money to get by. At one point I worked almost a year without taking a day off of work. I traded my well being for money.

I get why I have fallen in this trap of feeling like I have to work all the time. I get that it’s this rooted fear deep down inside of me that if I don’t I won’t be okay. That I won’t get by. Ironically though by working this much though I am not getting by because I’ve been destroying myself over this rooted fear. This is the main aspect of my life that I realize I want to detox from. I’m not saying to not work, or work hard, but I need stop overworking myself to the point that it’s killing myself in the process.

Another area I’m wanting to detox is being on my phone. I’ve detoxed from social media a lot in the past, but I really want to detox from my phone in general. I want to focus on other parts of my life that I cannot find on my Iphone. I want to be more present in my life and enjoy what is around me instead of being glued to my phone constantly. Just spending my precious time wasted away on watching TikToks or a funny meme on Facebook. I want to spend more of my time doing activities I enjoy like writing, reading, photographing, drawing, working out, and finding new hobbies for myself to enjoy.

A third area of my life that I want to detox is the people I let into my life. This applies to all my relationships with family, friends, and people I’m dating. I will drag myself down to make these people happy, but what I’m really doing in the process is abandoning my own happiness. I will also let people in my life that I know haven’t been good for me, but I stick with it anyway to feel any since of validation. But I don’t want to be like that anymore. I want to feel validated through my own sense of self worth and create happiness that is not reliant on anyone else.

I really want to be intentional about detoxing these areas of my life. I want my life to be full and happy and I realize now that I really need to change these parts of my life so it can be that way. I encourage you to find something you want to detox in your life as well. I’m sure we can all find things in our life that we could detox from if we really look at our lives.

Well have a beautiful night Dreamers,

Love Amber


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