The Junk Food Metaphor

Hey Dreamers,

As a kid they tell you that junk food is bad for you. As I get older I see how that is also a metaphor for other things in your life. Sometimes what we want in our lives in this moment is not what is going to benefit us in the long run. We can want something, but in the end it’s not what we really need. I have found this in countless ways in my life.

Just like junk food gives you that instant gratification other things in life can give you that instant gratification as well. Just because it gives you that instant gratification though doesn’t mean it will benefit you in the grand scheme of things. Eating a bag of cookies may make you happy in the moment, but later down the road when you have health issues from making it a habit you won’t be happy.

One example I have seen this outside of food is with certain relationships that I’ve had in my life. Certain relationships (not just romantic ones) I kept in my life even though I knew those relationships were bad for me. I tend to always try to see the good in others. This a quality I love about myself; however, it can also be a bad one when you don’t set boundaries for yourself. I’ve learned through the years that even though people can have great qualities and treat you really good sometimes that doesn’t mean they deserve access to your life. For example, I had an ex who would treat me badly a good percentage of the time. He would yell at me and disrespect me a bunch. On the rare occasion he would do something nice like bring me flowers or had qualities that I thought he must be the right person for me. Like with junk food I would have a happy ‘high’ sometimes, but mostly I felt depressed/ sad/ anxious.

Another example of this could be shopping. Maybe you are having a bad day and go buy something really expensive that you don’t necessarily need. It gives you that high when you purchase it at first, but then that high feeling wears off quickly when you think about how you are already in debt and how this impulse buy is going to deepen that debt even further. One of the best examples of this that I can think of is social media. When you get a like or a follow you feel pretty good, but you are getting that feeling by being validated from others instead of looking within to validate yourself on your own.

As the years go on the human race is becoming more and more addicted to being instantly high than taking the harder route of working entirely to be happy, but for the long haul — not just for a quick fix.

Dreamers, today I want you to ask yourself if you fall into this junk food metaphor anywhere in your life and if you do I want to challenge you to come up with ways you can change this instant high for real, true sustainable happiness.

Thanks for listening Dreamers,

Love always Amber


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