Being Happy in the Now

Hey Beautiful Dreamers,

Lately I have really been trying to plan for my future. Trying to go after a future I will be proud of. I love being able to set goals and accomplish them; however, that being said sometimes when I think too far in the future I forget to enjoy the here and now. I think many of us can be like that where we keep dreaming of creating a bigger and better life for ourselves. I think that is a fantastic then to do, but I also think while we are on the journey to reach those goals that we should enjoy the process.

I realized recently I haven’t really been doing this. Sometimes I think of all I haven’t accomplished and how better I wish my life was that I truly don’t appreciate everything that I am currently blessed with which is a lot even though I don’t see that sometimes. The fact that I’m healthy and can sit here typing this blog post is something to be grateful for. All around us are little blessings; however, we usually go throughout our day taking all these things for granted.

Sometimes I’ll be in my car and just have to remind myself to be grateful for my car being functional. As I’ve had cars go out on me multiple times and have no air conditioning in them, but this car hasn’t given me many issues and has functional ac (which in Florida is a life saver). I can also do cool things like link up my music from my phone to play by bluetooth in the car. Which was like the greatest thing in my life when I bought my car. That being said sometimes I don’t tend to think how blessed I am to have it, and now I try to really take time to think about how grateful I am for it.

I’m sure many of us can find similar examples in our day to day lives of things we take for granted. Whether it be things, relationships with people, or our health. There is so much that we can be happy about in the here and now. If we don’t practice gratitude in our everyday lives do we really think we’ll be happy when we accomplish the goals we have for ourselves? We might temporary be happy, but it is not going to stay permanent. Our brains will constantly tell ourselves this story of ‘I’ll be happy when I get this’ and then when you get that and are not happy we convince ourselves that something new will make us happy. We will keep going through this vicious cycle until we can learn to appreciate what we have in this moment. Right here and right now.

If you have running grateful. If you have a bed to sleep grateful. Many others do not and yet we think our lives suck because we don’t live in that mansion and don’t have the newest Iphone. If you want those kind of things that is great, but what I’m trying to say is don’t let those things define your happiness. We find happiness when we stop for a minute and reflect the little things in our everyday life. Like a sunny day or being loved unconditionally by your pet. There is something to be happy about for you today. You just got to look up and find it.

Thanks for listening dreamers until next blog post,


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