Setting a Target

Hey Dreamers,

Today I want to talk about setting a target, and no I did not say ‘shopping at Target.’ Shout out to everyone who loves shopping at Target (like yours truly) though — you all are the real MVPs. The target I am referring to though is the one of what you want to accomplish in your life.

Now you may be thinking “Well duh, I already know what I want in life.” I want to challenge that idea though. Are you really setting a specific thing in life you want to accomplish and working towards that or are you more like what I’ve done in my life and throwing arrows at multiple targets? I love that I have multiple interests in life. I feel like that keeps my life interesting and helps me grow; however, when I have too many interests that can also be a distraction. What I mean by that is sometimes I’ll invest energy here or there with various that I don’t sit down and think which future goal of mine I really want to invest the most energy in.

An example of this for me is that one of the things I really want to accomplish in my life is to write books. It’s a wonderful goal/ dream; however, in the current moment I haven’t done anything to move me towards doing that. In the back of my mind I have this clear idea of things I want to do, but the problem is I’ll be like “I’ll do that one day” or I’ll take the steps towards it for a few moments “when I feel like it” instead of deciding that right now I am going to decide that I am going to do it and set steps of how I can get there and decide how long I approximately I want to take to accomplish this goal.

In one of my favorite podcasts the host says this quote that really stuck with me and that is “where focus goes, energy flows.” That quote is true in any area of life, but especially when it comes to making our dreams come true. If our focus is all over the place then the energy is not going to go to what is most important to you it’s going to be scattered all over the place with no clear direction.

This is why it’s so important to decide what really is the most important things in your life and once you decide that you can decide you will focus more on that and prioritize it over other things going on in your life. For example, for me instead of watching television for a few hours a day I could spend one of those hours working on a chapter of a book instead. If I don’t give myself that clear direction though I will just continue watching Hulu for a few hours instead of moving towards a goal that is really important to me.

It’s simply deciding what you want, writing down the steps you can take to accomplish it, and then taking action. This is all easier said then down, but I promise you once you focus in on that target your trying to hit you will see change in your life and be way more likely to accomplish anything you want in life.

My challenge for you all today Dreamers is to write down a few important goals that mean the most to you and then write down the steps you can take each day that will put you a little closer each and every day of reaching those goals.

Like always Dreamers thank you for listening and go set that target,


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