Do You Know Who You Are?

Hey Beautiful Dreamers,

This morning I woke up and was scrolling through social media and then started feeling insecure with myself comparing myself to others. I then had a thought that really stuck with me and that was “Why are you comparing yourself to others? Don’t you know who you are? You are the sh!t.”

I feel like most of us (especially woman) can relate to this in some shape or form. With the average person spending most of their day on social media I think it’s almost impossible to not have felt that at some point. You are looking at these people you feel are prettier than you are or more successful. You then take a look at your own life and feel like complete garbage.

I want to ask you all the same question I asked myself this morning “Do you know who you are?” I don’t know you, but I’m completely sure that you are a lot more then you give yourself credit for. You are so focused on other people that you forget all that you’ve accomplished and how uniquely beautiful you are in your own way. We were all not born to be a clone of everyone else. We were born to be ourselves. We are all giving a special opportunity to stand out in our own way.

If no one has told you today you are beautiful, awesome, and are doing a great job. You are rare jewel in this world so it’s time that you start realizing that. DO NOT be any means undervalue yourself. No one is better than you. I don’t care if they are a famous movie star or own several cars or have the ‘perfect’ body. You are just as good as anyone out there.

Instead of feeling envious of other people be happy for them. And go do whatever makes you feel beautiful and happy. Our time is so valuable and it’s such a waste if we use it being jealous and putting down other people in order for us to feel better about ourselves. Instead send love energy to others in the world and expect love energy sent back to you. We all deserve that!

The next time you start comparing yourselves to others and feel bad about yourself I challenge you to remind yourself you are the shit and that you are valuable beyond belief.

As always thank for reading dreamers,

Much love Amber

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