5 Effective Ways to Cut Back Your Time on Social Media

A Generation Raised on Social Media

I was in middle school when my obsession for social media started. I remember it like yesterday sitting in my local library logging into my Facebook account and trying not to get kicked off by the librarian who said I had to be 18 to access the site. It was this whole new world that I quickly became immersed with. As an awkward, anti-social, unpopular middle schooler I found that I could be/ or say whatever I wanted when I was on Facebook.

It felt like I was free; however, my 13 year old self did not realize that it was actually doing the opposite. Soon like many other people in my generation I got addicted to it. It was something about that high feeling everytime I went to check it and I had a notification. Would it be my crush that would message me or like my pictures? No. But did that stop me from thinking it would happen? Also No.

1.) Set a Timer on Your Phone

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

Did you know that you are able to go into your phone and set time limits? Well if you didn’t know now you do. If you have Iphone you can just go into your settings and go to App Limits and pick your desired time you would like to spend on an app per day that way you do not go over. When 3 minutes of going through news feed turns into 3 hours. This is how you can help avoid that.

2.) Find Other Ways to Spend that Time

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This is one of my favorite tips that has probably helped me the most. This is replacing that habit with a new, healthier one. For example, with the time I don’t waste scrolling through social media I could write a blog, draw a picture, practice my photography, or develop a new skill. You can replace it with something you also enjoy but also benefits your life.

3.) Think of Deleting it Off Entirely

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This can sound like tough love, because honestly it is tough love. Sometimes it’s just better to delete it altogether for a while so you don’t have that temptation. Yes, you could technically log in with a computer still; however, that takes more effort than a simple tap of your finger on your phone screen. I can’t tell you how much my mood shifted when I either deleted a social media app off my phone or deactivated my account for a little while. It helped me realize that have such a habit of checking it when I am bored and that I could rather use that time to do something way more productive.

4.) Put the Phone as Far Away from You as Possible

Photo by Athena on Pexels.com

One of the most simplest yet effective ways to limit the amount of time you waste on social media is to make it less accessible. A good way to do this is when you are, for example, working on a homework assignment move your phone to the opposite side of your room that way it’s harder to have access to your phone. You could get up and walk over and check it, but that would mean it would require more effort and if you are anything like me you’ll think about it for a second but then realize it’s not worth walking across the room for.

5.) The Swear Jar Method

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

This is exactly what you are thinking it is. Instead of every time you swear you put a dime in the jar it’s every time you check social media. You can owe yourself this money or make it even challenging and give a friend money every time you look at it. You will start losing the temptation as much when you know you have to pay money for using it. If you do look at it you have to then decide that it’s worth your money.

Thank you all for reading this post! If you would like to know more ways of cutting back on social media let me know and I’ll make another blog post. Have a great day,



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