Lucky Girl

Hey Dreamers,

There is this new/ old concept going around right now and I’m all for it. It is called Lucky Girl Syndrome. This has been all around social media right now. On TikTok, YouTube, and I was even hearing about it on a podcast that I listen to. I think it is a cute, new way to refer to manifesting as a woman. The concept of it isn’t that hard to grasp. It’s basically what it says in the name. The concept is being a ‘lucky girl’. You basically believe that you are lucky and you attract great things to your life.

It’s the same accept thing as manifesting something in your life, but putting a particular title to it. I’ve been challenging myself to recently use this title for myself. I remember a few years ago one of my friends called me the “unluckiest person” he had ever met. It then occurred to me when he said that I didn’t want to be ‘unlucky’. That year in particular I had one thing after another happen where it did feel like I was unlucky. But when I made up my mind that I didn’t want to be “unlucky” or the “victim” of my life I saw my life start to change in powerful ways. Things that were a problem in my life started to either go away or get better. I didn’t call myself a lucky girl, but I decided that I wasn’t unlucky like my friend had told me in that phone call.

I started learning more about how I felt and thought about my life manifested these negative outcomes and how they could also have the power to manifest positive ones. Since then I have gotten better at manifesting positive experiences over negative ones. It takes a shift in your perspective. I challenge you Dreamers, if you feel ‘unlucky’ take a look at your life around you and see what you are ‘lucky’ for. There’s more in your life you could be grateful for more than you can imagine. For example, me writing this blog freely. I am able to freely express what I want to on here and that honestly is very ‘lucky’ and something I often take for granted. There is plenty of things to feel grateful/ lucky about if we take the chance to just look around and really appreciate what’s in front of us. The air we breathe, being able to see/ hear, having the opportunity to get an education, etc., etc. So many things in our lives we are lucky to have and when we focus on what we have in our lives that we are fortunate to have we not only feel more grateful, but we attract more good things to our lives.

Let’s go rock that lucky energy,



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